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Maintenance I
- Change engine oil & filter reset oil life system (up to 5 qt.)
- Inspect engine air filter
- Rotate and inspect tires, check inflation & wear
- Inspect brake system. Brake lines, hoses, pads, & calipers, rotors and drums
- Check engine coolant
- Check and fill windshield washer fluid

Trucks: Lubricate front suspension, ball joints
and steering linkage And parking brake cables.
Maintenance II
- All maintenance I plus
- Check radiator and condenser, pressure check, cooling system, & lube suspension
- Inspect drive axle boots, inspect wiper blades, inspect safety belts
- Lubricate key lock cylinders and all hinges & latches
- Inspect throttle linkage
- Inspect steering system & suspension
- Inspect passenger compartment cabin filter
- Inspect fuel system
-Inspect brake transaxle shift interlock for
- Correct operation
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